Skype is basically an application service that allows you to make phone calls. A person can make phone calls by using Skype and that too for free. It is because of their service that Skype stands out to be the one which has grown very quickly. In recent times, the company got acquired by the eBay. It is yet another stride forward for the company in terms of achieving their final objective which is to make Skype the largest company of communication in the world.

It is very easy to install Skype, and is even easier to use. Skype allows the users to make calls with crystal clear sound. It works perfectly and does not get affected by the location. One can use it to send messages instantly. It can also be used to switch between texts flawlessly. Skype also allows one to make video calls and conference calls. It can be also used for voice communication, transferring files and calling on cell phones and landlines.

Skype has modifications to its service, Skype to Go, so that it could allow a person to make direct calls from any landline. There has been a new revision and it is because of this the users can at present save the direct – dialed Skype call. This direct – dialed call from Skype can be saved as a part of the contact list of the phone. The users can now enjoy the benefits of having at most of nine of the numbers that get saved in the phone.

Skype introduced its service of Skype to Go in the year 2007. This allowed the users of Skype to call another user of Skype and that too over a mobile phone or landline. More importantly this could be done without the user having an Internet connection. The Internet connection is generally used in order to smooth the progress of a VoIP call. Skype has improved their service in the previous few years. They have added support for the Skype Credits and also for the subscription plans. Recently Skype introduced a mobile version for low bandwidth users.