As another expansion move Skype has setup its first office in the Middle East. This new office is located in Manama the capital city of Bahrain. In recent past Skype has shown various moves for expansion and acquiring more and more consumers and this move certainly would add a lot to Skype’s kitty. Skype is the world leader in providing online communication solutions and has gained immense popularity and acceptance across the globe. Skype is now targeting the Middle East consumers to rely on Skype when it comes to cheap or free communication across the globe. Skype’s head of Middle East said that we took a lot of time deciding where to land in Middle East and ultimately Bahrain fitted in our frame. Bahrain has very liberal policies and advance infrastructure for Information and Communication technology sector. This ICT Policy in Bahrain attracted Skype to make Bahrain as its base for Middle East business.

All Khalifah the Chief Executive of Bahrain Economic Development Board said that Bahrain is improving its infrastructure and is coping with the needs to international clients because only then the international market can be attracted. Arrival of big companies like Skype will certainly pave the way for other countries to show their interest in setting up offices in Bahrain. This will economically help Bahrain and will also provide many employment offers for people of Bahrain. Khalifah referred to the growth happening in other Middle East countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman and said that it was possible only by the flexible and simple ICT policies. Other sectors such as energy and finance are also showing their interest in the Middle East and it could only be possible for them to operate if we have good infrastructure and best support for their Information and Communication needs. He said that commencement of Skype in Middle East will fasten the dissemination of ideas and opportunities among the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries like Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, and Qatar. Bahrain has done a lot of investment and has made many amendments in its regulatory acts to make international companies to come there and improve Bahrain’s international market. Bahrain has and Bahrain will continue to provide better infrastructure and resources for international companies at very low operating cost.

The Global Technology report published by World Economic Forum has mentioned the upcoming and impressive trend of Bahrain development as a result of ICT. Bahrain is opening a friendly marketplace for international companies by improving there ICT and infrastructure. Report further mentioned that on one hand GCC countries are improving their ICT and on the other hand UAE, Oman and Kuwait have banned the usage of Skype. Similarly Lebanon has banned all the VoIP service providers and considers VoIP as illegal. It could be because of the policies of Skype that Skype is still not affected by the Lebanon policies and is functional in that area. Commencement of Skype in Middle East has greatly interested the youth and many IT professional are now looking forward to settle in Bahrain.