Skype has been the leading source of communication through internet base connections. It has been the first choice of almost the majority of networks users and from consumers to business people. With its wide range and popular features like video calling, instant messaging and file transfer, many have guaranteed its service as well done on the making.

It also caters to the needs of its users and classified as a user-friendly application.

In this connection, the Skype is now releasing its new version to reach out the Window and Mac users – the Skypekit Beta SDK.

What is Skypekit Beta SDK?

This is a new version of Skypekit designed for the Window (x89) and Mac OS X users. A collection of specified software is described as the “headless version” of Skype that enables internet based devices and application to connect with it without anymore downloading its supported software.

It also allows internet based devices to be able to enjoy its features and application offers wherever you go, a much conventional way of getting connected with Skype.

Concepts behind the New Version

Skype as a leading source of internet telecommunication, have been into focus of improving quality service by reaching the needs of their consumers. They want to create a healthy, easy and convenient connection between users to their loved ones while doing anything, without interrupting the on-going process of communication.

With its earlier version that supports the Linux operating system, it is now one step closer to their vision by reaching the new target group of consumers on the Windows and Mac operating system.

Now, with its larger and wider range community of users, Skype can now be considered a flexible internet communication provider.

Influence from the Current Era

Today, on the verge of high technology which mostly centers to communication process and development, Skype was also influenced by the current period of innovation and upgrade.

Communication nowadays is as important as food source in the market. It is the main ingredient to almost all of our daily activities, from business to personal use. Without Communication, it wouldn’t be possible to grow as individual and as a group.

In connection with this, Skype Limited (operator of the Skype application) used the communication trend to approach consumers. With an internet source of communication, it is much way better than the traditional way of communicating which involves a lot of expenses and bills, an approach that was automatically embraced by the consumers such as the internet users and businessmen.


Now, with its new innovation of updated version, all Skype users will now be able to enjoy its full features and applications with ease and comfort.

Together, the vision of Skype as a good telecommunication provider will now be a one step closer and more productive for the next coming years.