Till now it was only the Skype interface with which users could make Internet calls, but now they will get different interfaces and applications using Skype’s technology for making Internet calls. Skype has always kept its technology a secret and unlike SIP nobody knows on what protocols and technology Skype works, however with the release of Skype Development Kit Skype has unveiled its technology to an extent and has given application developers more freedom of using Skype in their applications and software.

Jonathan Christensen the General Manager of Skype’s platform business has said that “we have to take Skype into all new possible directions and we will be empowering consumer electronic devices and software by embedding Skype into them”. Skype has given an all new mode of communication and has started a revolution for the same by offering free calls (Skype to Skype) and very inexpensive telephony calls. Now Skype wants its product to be used as widely as possible and has launched a development kit with which Skype can be easily embedded into various devices and applications. Till now embedding of Skype was possible but it worked in its on Window. Now programmers can develop their own interfaces and can use Skype’s technology to work in the background for making calls. This will let the developers to take Skype in to all gadgets possible and will further increase Skype’s user base. Jonathan further said that if you have any idea then you do not need to partner with Skype. Just use the SDK and develop software using Skype’s technology. Skype is also planning to embed it self into Facebook so that Facebook users can easily and freely talk with each other.

This is being considered as a very wise business move because till now Skype was available only on computers but it will always be the same. People want to use Skype from other devices as well like their mobile phones, Smart Televisions, iPad etc. Skype is targeting to be on every device which has an IP address to it. According to other news Skype is implementing ways to display advertisements to users while using Skype and this will help Skype in generating extra revenue. This revenue will help in keeping Skype to Skype calls free for its users and dominate the VoIP competition.

It is very important and crucial for Skype to diversify itself which it has not been doing in the past because now there are many companies who are providing similar services to their users and the competition has begun. Not only several small companies but the giant Google has also entered in this race of VoIP services. Google has started its VoIP services in the United States and will soon start the same in other locations. This is being taken as a challenge by Skype and they are formulating their strategies seeing the market competition and the competitors involved. Skype knows that any race in which Google is involved should be taken seriously and no effort should be left otherwise chances are that you will lose.