Slice, an online shopping service, has announced a free online shopping app for iPhone users by the name of Slice for iPhone. This app automatically tracks the shipment status to give access to the online shopping history without the hassle of referring to any tracking numbers or receipts.

Slice was launched in May and has processed more than 4 million purchases since then. The free app for iPhone lets its users to access their shopping and shipment status instantly. The app automatically retrieves all the relevant information from the electronic receipts in Yahoo! Mail and Gmail, such as shipping notification, tracking numbers, etc, and organizes all the purchases at one place.

“Slice for the iPhone is the first and only mobile app that allows you to easily track in-progress shipments and quickly access your purchase history with all your favorite merchants. It’s really all about making daily life a little bit easier,” said Scott Brady, CEO and co-founder of Slice. Let us now discuss what features it has to offer:

Updating Real Time: You can stay updated about the real time of your shipment. In case your purchases are shipped separately, you can find out which one is inside which shipment and know where each shipment is heading to.

Tracking Packages on Maps: This useful feature keeps a track of all your shipment on a visual map. You can see the location of your shipment on the map; it’s somewhat like a flight map.

Alert Notification: You can set-up notifications to alert yourself while sending a purchase to someone. A notification will be sent to alert you about the details of your order.

Maintains a Record of Purchase: This app keeps a history of all your online purchases. Since Slice helps you to find any electronic receipt, you do not have to search through your e-mail inbox for any particular receipt.

All iPhone users can avail this useful service for free and can download it from the Apple App Store. Check the video below to have a better idea about this amazing app.

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