Google is the name you would certainly hear wherever you would go. No matter what sector it is it, as far as it is associated with technology and enhancements that need to come in the world of technology, you would certainly find Google there. Google has teamed up with Spectrum Bridge in order to get the best use white space that is the term used for television channels that are not being used up by now. The project is actually to make the best use of a new technology called the television airwaves. Data collection has been started even to initiate the project as early as possible.

The project of Smart grid has a huge scope. Spectrum Bridge is working in coalition with Plumas Sierra Rural electric cooperative to manage the supply and demand of electricity in rural areas. The purpose is to improve System Control and Data Acquisition at substations. Google is providing assistance by Power Meter service for free. The energy management services are working awesome by giving the appropriate readings.

Spectrum Bridge and Google is a new dimension to all this development bringing new horizons to the Wi-Max Technology and they expect the same response from the networks and carriers into this very business. Google and Spectrum Bridge believe that the white space has the capability of exchanging data at faster rates compared to the standard Wi-Fi technology. They also believe that hindrances and other such obstructions might not come up as a big issue though.

White space is a completely new technology usage into the arena. The concept is to use the empty channel slots exactly. FCC enforced broadcasting to be done through the digital medium instead of the analog one. The transition completed leaving behind many empty slots as the scope of digital channels is wider than the analog bandwidth. The commission made a decision to make the best out of the empty channels and dedicate them for unlicensed use. Since the proposal was made, there had been many suggestions in accordance with improving the quality of wireless services in many areas but that was not welcomed that well.

Google joined the group with Smart Bridge and Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative & Telecommunications to experiment on the proposal of using these channels for sending data energy. The Sierra Nevada Mountains was selected for all the processes as it gave them with a location that was void of all communication services mainly the wireless ones. The White Space has proven to be a great channel though that has been readily communication information from one end to the other. There are other projects involving white space that Smart Bridge is involved in and Google is playing active role in a few of them. The Power Meter tool from Google provides all these services with a monitoring of the amount of energy that they are using up.

The white space would not only provide smart grid communication but would also provide the locals with connection to the broadband internet over the same channel.