Are you are travelling alone for the first time? Do you want to keep your luggage safe throughout the journey? Well, finally there is a device that can help you track your luggage while you are travelling alone.

The AT&T researchers have recently developed a “smart luggage” tracker that would help travelers locate their luggage and keep it safe all throughout the journey. The device was launched at the AT&T Innovation Showcase, where David Marten, Principal Hardware Designer at the company’s machine-to-machine foundry, said, “The tracking device has to be attached to luggage to pinpoint the location of a bag in real-time. Users can track the movement of their luggage with the help of software on a mobile device.”

For example, you are waiting for your luggage at the airport baggage claim area and you didn’t get your bag for a while. In such situations, “Smart Tracker” can help you map out your bag very easily. The application will start sending text messages at regular intervals for when a bag lands and it could also tell where it is located at the airport or if it is in another city. This is not enough; the device could light up a bag at lost-and-found just in case the user is unable to find it.

A “Smart Tracker” works internationally by connecting to other 3G-compatible networks. According to Marten the development of such tracker would help the AT&T network to make its presence felt on the Internet of Things space. “The tracker is not a marketable device as of now. The company is working on several such projects, where connected devices automate mundane tasks,” he added.

Marian Croak, senior vice president of application and services infrastructure AT&T said, “Our Company wants to be a broker for sensor devices and it wants to exchange information across wired and wireless networks.” He further added, “The Company is developing more and more such devices to build out network capacity, virtual networks, and Wi-Fi networks to handle the increased communication over the Internet.”