DELL’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Dell contends that mobile devices shall never harm the personal computers.

Instead he visualizes a future were more and more number of handy mobile devices shall incorporate. They shall sync more easily and swiftly with the personal computers. With more and more network interpretation along with cloud computing. And to that point one shall always agree. As it is seen every time the device changes the data never does. That allows the data to be converged only. Mr. Dell said this in the Citrix Synergy user conference in San Francisco during a keynote speech. Everybody knows that there is enough evidence that the devices don’t replace each other, like a keyboard wasn’t replaced by a mobile QWERTY keyboard. But a keyboard replaced a typewriter, it means that devices in same league may replace each other but not in other leagues.

Everyone knows about smart phones and personal computers. Smart phones are today’s daily  necessity of an executive. One can instantly reply a mail or chat with friends anytime. If you want to do the same with a personal computer you’ll able to, but you won’t be mobile. Personal computer is heavy to carry around, but it allows conducting bigger tasks like editing, creating new documents, photo shop and many more things. You won’t be able to do this on smart phones. So as a matter of concern both the devices are going to work side by side for at least a decade, unless a new invention takes place.

Every device is unique and made with specific uses. Like QWERTY keyboard mobile are there for faster messaging and email applications but not full on article writing. Mobile devices are very specifically designed to be carried with you all time. Some are there to be used to stored higher content data. Some are used just as net books. Some just have special effects devices. These ideas can easily be countered as some time or other the mobile devices shall become the multi-function computer of choice for work, communication, social networking and entertainment. There is enough data to prove that in many past years the sales of mobile devices are more than personal computers.

Mr. Dell also commented on the iPad saying such devices create new uses and not new data. He agreed that it was a unique product and will sell in large numbers to people. But he also believed it won’t replace any device. It will not even create a new demand he added. iPad is one of its kind and is revolutionary too. It has opened up new markets but still one has to use a personal computer to do various tasks like marking maps, working on CADD software and many more.To counter iPad, he confirmed the release of Dell’s Android Streak smart phone. He also showed the prototype of the same. The phone which was named STREAK was imbibed with a Citrix receiver that shall allow the user from a choice of several desktop environments. He also showed meticulously many websites were instilled into the phone. Among them there Facebook and Twitter too.

Talking about the android platform, it is going to give Apple phones a run for it money. In this race Microsoft is trying hard attract customers with it Windows 7 Mobile platform. Looking at the statistics, Apple may be way ahead, but Android is catching up fast. Lots of manufactures are making phones with Android technology and their sale is unbeatable. In the end, customer decides the usage and importance of personal computers and smartphones.