National semiconductor along with Solar magic brings the smart solar panels which are less energy consuming, great battery life and generates enormous heat. With various dimensions into solar products, they have been able to deliver some of the best innovative ways. They have also implemented the finest photovoltaic systems to increase on the efficiency of the solar panels. The major glitch of real world comparison of solar panels lead to dissatisfaction and thus the smart panel gets the most realistic approach which brings satisfaction amongst its users.


The Smart solar panel consists of tri mode converter which works along to bring the efficiency as 99.5%. The mechanisms like safety panel shut off and other safety measures ensure the maximum energy efficiency and return. The dimensions are specially designed to accompany the solar panel junction box. It has launched in the intersolar Europe and eventually would be taking over the global market.


• The smart solar panels are the pioneer to bring analog extensive power management chipset.
• The solar panel could easily accompany a new or existing installation.
• The solar panel is one of the most highly integrated which includes 350 watt tri mode converter and to increase efficiency could lower the voltage amongst each panel.


The Smart solar panels have got some surprising outputs and numbers that take up on the confidence of consumers. It just does not have an increased level of output and reliability but has also brought cost effectiveness to the systems. Unlike other solar panels which are designed and perform differently to the real world, the smart solar panels follow the strategy of working closely to the real world factors and reveal accordingly real world figures. It has also been one of the most robust solar panel which has worked and been tried under adverse situation and thus while usage it would be able to sustain its performance even in unfavorable conditions.


The smart solar panel is supported by the standard measure of dollar per watt and is available in as low as twelve cents per watt.

Harnessing the latest technology, the solar panels are expected to enhance the efficiency and reliability and would turn the product being more valuable. The entire world is struggling to fight with global warming and thus the measures like smart solar panel could effectively help the human race conquer on the challenges. National semiconductor has leaded the power management technique and has been an effective solution provider to all the solar power issues.

The smart solar panel had been an approach of Solar magic in alliance with National semiconductor to overcome all the system mismatches which happens due to real world situations like shading, clouds, dirt, debris, bird droppings. With innovative ways of working, solar smart panel have been able to live up to their promises and introduced a panel which would be more realistic and would be robust enough to deal with the prevailing adverse conditions.