Skyfire for android streams flash video is a new beta application for android phones and is one of the best advancements in technology in recent days. Though the flash support for android phones is around the corner in a few more weeks time the mobile browser company Skyfire has released it Skyfire2.0 beta for android. This looks and acts like a typical Web Kit browser for the android phones. The only exception in this Skyfire 2.0 beta is the exception of a tool that lets the user stream flash video. The Web Kit that is present in this newer and lighter version currently does not support technology as well.

But there are many added advantages and in-built features that acts as an intermediate platform to help the users understand and appreciate the browser. One such feature would be the ability of the Skyfire’s servers to fetch the video and code it from its original format to HTML 5 video. Another advantage that Skyfire,is that the server of the Skyfire itself helps the videos to adjust to the size and the resolution of the phone’s screen thus, making the streaming of the videos faster and simpler from the servers. Skyfire’s flash-support-by-proxy is not simple as much like in others as an all-in-one solution by any chance or probability. This does not detect every video in a playlist though it happens to occasionally crash in a browser tab also, it does not address flash games sites and a few other interactive sites this was because they currently do not support technology.

Another feature of this application is the addition of a new button that helps the user in viewing content and information that are highly relevant to them like the, headlines, images updates on social networking websites and so on and a module for link sharing. The multiple tab usage for different web pages is also very effective and useful in switching over between the various pages that we are viewing currently through a specialised tab-switcher, which is easy shortcut known as the user agents. There is a dropdown menu with access to the setting, download list and text selection, apart from these there are multiple tools also. An android phone that runs on an Operating System 2.0 or higher version allow and supports multi touch pinch zooming.

But there are a few things that are in general known as the issues and the limitations of the Skyfires beta version video browser support in general. It is a known fact that these browsers currently do not support stream back Windows Media, which is the Silverlight or the Quicktime video, there are other few things also to be kept in mind that is, these do not provide videos and its support files internationally for even the most secured web sites. Though this is Skyfire’s first version for Google’s mobile platform they have called it 2.0 beta.