Human beings love making friends and social connections. Earlier people generally used internet to send and receive e-mails and/or to browse web. Later on Chatting was on boom and messenger like Yahoo, Msn, etc. were in demand. However, now-a-days, almost every body socializes online through the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, ibibo, etc.

People hardly send emails these days as they find it less important as compared to Facebook, Twitter, etc. They have become a primary way of connecting to the friends, peers, colleagues, business persons, etc.

Social networking sites are mostly used for personal messages by a large number of people. However, they are also used for professional purposes. Well whatever the reason may be, the main thing is that these sites occupy most of our time. People generally think of just sending or checking their messages and end up doing several other things which is a complete waste of time.

According to a recent study 22.7% of the time which is spent on the web by people is on Facebook and Twitter. The second largest activity is to play online games which consume 10.2% of the total time.

There are many people who access these sites from their mobiles as it is the most convenient way of staying connected to their friends. Mobile phone companies are also promoting and launching such devices with networking applications which helps the same.

For example, the latest release in the mobile industry is the Blackberry Torch, which helps in connecting with all your friends on different sites by just typing once. With such technological advancement it is expected that the percentage of the people using such services is going to rise.

According to a study the percentage of such users’ time consumption has gone high from 37.4% to 41.6%. People now-a-days prefer smart phones over feature phones.

Social networking sites share different percentage of time spent on them by people. Facebook takes a lead here by 85% where as My Space gets only 5% and Twitter gets only 1% of the whole.

Facebook has not only promoted messaging etc. it has promoted online gaming as well. Farmville is one such example of the same. This game has gained its popularity through Facebook. Hence, online gaming is the second in the time consumption race.

There are more and more people adding to such websites on a daily basis and the stats are expected to shoot up as per time. Where these sites have brought people closer, it has its own side affects too. People have become more techno savvy and hardly give preference to their health. It might lead to some serious health problems in the future. So do socialize however, not at the cost of your health!