Those days when you had to wait in long queues simply to get an interview for the job are long gone. Even as internet is spreading its roots to almost every part of the world and the way things are done, the entire recruiting and job finding scenario too is in for a turn. While you may find it hard to believe more and more recruiters are going online in search of prospective employees. What is more, these employers are making use of the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn more than ever to find the right candidate.

According to a survey, it has been found that almost 78 percent employers depend on LinkedIn to check for prospective recruits. Other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter share 55 percent and 45 percent space as a medium of recruiting candidates. With the inflation and taxes becoming stringent by the day, more companies are now trying to find cost-effective methods of recruiting people. For the same reason, they are making use of the information provided on the social networking sites about the candidates before making a decision.

This works as a two-way process. By allowing college students to join the company’s page on the social networking site, the employers too pave way of informing the interested candidates of any prospective job openings. Thus, it eases their costs spent after advertising for the job opening, even as the candidates too get complete information with regards to the company and the job opening. Survey reveals that companies which take minimum time in recruiting employees are the companies which are most actively working on recruiting through social networking sites. To date, almost 33 percent companies have agreed that they always search the profile of a potent candidate before taking a final decision.

Analysts are of the view that since most employers are now turning to social networking sites for recruiting people, it is best that interested candidates make their social profiles in similar light. Posting comments of photographs that might work against them in a process of recruiting should therefore be discouraged. Professors and recruiters these days are hence advising the students to make their profile completely professional, while portraying themselves at their utter best. Since anything they do on these social networking sites, including the games they play, remarks they post, pictures they put up etc will either add on or deplete their online reputation, the interested candidates should always be mindful while operating on these social networking sites.

In a survey with employers it was found that almost 80 percent of them wanted to use or were already using social networking sites for recruitment purposes. However, not all from the HR departments agree to the use of these sites. According to some of them, these sites may have shiny profiles and recommendations for some of the prospective candidates, but that does not make them great performers. Rather, chances of fooling a company into hiring them are enhanced if candidates are selected via social networking profiles of the candidates.