About.me page is all about ‘learning about you’ from your page. Your About.me page comes handy, when business prospects visit your website or  webpage. It is all about personal branding. SohoOS is an Israeli start-up company, making available a free and friendly business management solution for small and medium businesses. This solution covers many aspects of a small business in a single platform. SohoOS offers a range of primary tools needed for the SMB to help the business grow and succeed. The SaaS based solution offers free and customizable business management tools which are cloud based, also with many networking capabilities.

With a funding of $1.25 million and a series A funding of $1.75 million, the start-up company and their offerings, in the cloud computing arena, seem to propose an interesting application. Anticipating a good business opportunity on the anvil, Mangrove Capital Partners, a Luxembourg-based venture capital firm, has taken keen interest in SohoOs’s Small Business Management Suite, and invested $1.75 million.

Over the last year, over 20,000 businesses have registered themselves, and seem to be using the platform very comfortably since commencement and launch. The total package and service presently, is offered free of charge, barring certain value added features like bulk SMS, VoIP services, etc. These also are on a Pay-As-You-Go basis. In fact, SohoOS already has an interesting and unique iPhone application due to be released very early in several languages.

Similar to the About.me page concept, SohoOS has introduced a SohoOS.me option. You can create a profile of yourself very easily with innovative features like embedding your logos, links to social networks, customizable themes, etc. besides the conventional contact details, as required.

SohoOS has an impressive set of online tools, including project management, CRM, invoicing, payment processing and reporting, and all that for free. The SohoOS.me page also has a built-in contact form. That needs automatic population of the CRM account of the customer for future contact, the moment the customer inputs his information.

This innovative option of having a full-fledged business management solution, free of cost, in a very expensive and competitive era today, in the massive economic slump situation being faced, will definitely bring in large returns for this cloud based concept. The plethora of features with fax, SMS, VoIP, mobile apps, payment processing facilities, e-mail, CRM and a range of innovative options, are all set to make SohoOS very popular. Some of the features that SohoOS needs to correct include a wizard shortened URL and optimization with commendable rankings on Google.