If there is any company that is greatly benefiting from the android phone smart phone design, it is Sony Ericsson. We can actually say that Sony Ericsson is the kind of company that knows what it needs and how to get it. Due to its capability to make use of opportunity, the Sony Ericsson product is surely getting some cool measure of popularity in the mobile phone world. The addition of this particular design of phone, which all sundry actually wants to have something to do with, is taking the Sony Ericsson business to the next level. This is greatly giving the company a real competitive stance in comparison with other great names in the mobile phone manufacturing industry.

The idea

The whole idea is a kind of 50-50 bilateral agreement between Ericsson manufacturing company and the Sony Corp. This bilateral agreement had been able to bring up the superb looking mobile phone that goes by the name Xperia X10. This android phone is one phone that practically every mobile phone user wants to make use of. Because of this special love for the phone Sony Ericsson is actually strengthening their niche a great deal.

The intention

Sony Ericsson actually desires to make its brand the communication entertainment brand in the industry of mobile phone makers; this is exactly why it had embraced the Android operating platform. The above are the exact words of the Company’s General Manager in charge of the Philippines market Mr. Dennis Manzano. He said this in a press conference organized recently.

According to him, the company actually wants to introduce some great measure of entertainment into communication. This is in an effort to take the mobile phone world beyond the ordinary level of mere communication. Mr. Dennis Manzano seemed to be saying that the mobile phone world needs to shake off the dust of its past essential purpose and take on the toga of a real entertainer.

Android phone is in a class of its own it is in the same class with other platforms like the Maemo , the Apple iOS for iPhones, the Symbian platform and even mobile Microsoft window. It is importantly Google’s Linux operating system for mobile device.

The evidence

The mobile phone that had gone a long way in promoting the company’s image is the Xperia X10. In fact it is the company’s best selling phone. By the time you check through Japan’s record of top selling smart phones, you will discover that the Xperia X10 is at the very top of this enviable list.

Its features

The Xperia X10 features a video that has very high definition of image. This will go a long way in helping customers to capture, view and share great moments with families and friends.

Sony Ericsson seems to have only one vision and one focus. This focus is to be the undisputable leader in the world of mobile communications entertainment. This they plan to get done through the introduction of new style of interaction across social media and the internet.