What’s sassy about Sony Ericsson Naite? Well, for starters, it has a certain twang to it; it’s actually pronounced nigh-tay. Naite also calms your eco-friendly conscience since it’s actually made from recycled plastic and its packaging is also thinner than other regular boxes. Its charger also boasts of complying with Energy Star V standards. Charging will be less frequent because it consumes less power even in standby mode.

At least you won’t be dreaming about tsunamis and carbon footprints while placing your calls and sending text messages with this 84 g of eco-friendliness. It is a phone after all, so it does offer features you would expect from your mid-range phones. Although the 240 x 320 display will not make your eyes pop, it does give clear and crisp output for its multi-media tools. It has built in FM music player and tools for editing music, photo and videos. It supports storage expansion through microSD support up to 8GB in case you are wondering where to put those edited multimedia formats.

There is also eMail, push eMail and Google Maps for the Naite. Navigating through this task will be a breeze with the suitably spread keypad. Managing e-mails however with ease however doesn’t compare well with phones equipped with a full QWERTY keypad. Setting up eMail accounts manually might take a few minutes of your time to look up server names. Facebook and YouTube apps are also included for bridging your social networking pursuits. Podcasts and RSS feeds are also available.

If you can’t afford a secretary of your own, or your virtual secretary has skipped on you, the Naite has that also in mind. Aside from the virtual rolodex which can accommodate at most 1,000 contacts, it also has a feature-packed calendar integrated. This allows you to put reminders and fix appointment schedules with your Naite.

There are two choices of colors for this green phone. Vaporous silver if you’re up for a more classic yet updated look and Ginger Red if you’re someone who likes their cell phones to come out of the box with a personality of its own. It doesn’t mean however that you can’t own and customize this phone yourself. A dedicated button is available for those times when you just want your phone not announcing every bit of message and call it receives. Although you can assign a picture to a contact, sadly, it does not come with an option to assign a particular ring tone to each one.

The keypad has a light spring to it and is adequately spaced. A feature definitely needed if you plan to integrate your cellphone with your very active lifestyle. Although some might find its keypad still cramped, the central OK button and the navigation keys amply makes up for it.

The phone also comes with 3G and Bluetooth support, and of course, text and MMS capabilities. It also has USB support for PC connectivity.

The battery has 13.5 hours of talk time or almost 25 days of standby time.

Bottom Line

Yes its green and down-to-earth but obviously this wouldn’t be the cream of the crop of mid-range cell phones. Available for $159, this phone is for somebody who wants cell phones without pretentions and to come with the basic features that wouldn’t leave them out of their social media loop.