Sony Ericsson is one from the leading companies dealing with mobile phones in the world. People like the headsets sold by the company due to the loud and perfect quality of the voice. They introduced a lot of mobile phone models with innumerable stylish features to provide the best service for their customers. Being a regular user of Smartphone, I always think which company is the best choice for me while purchasing a mobile phone.

Brief History of Sony Ericson

This company has been popular for many years and so it has more experience about how to satisfy the needs of the customer. Also with the warranty point of view, I prefer some old mobile companies working in the world. If you want to purchase a new mobile phone with good warranty, then the Sony Ericsson is the best choice. The head office of the company is situated in London and they are concentrating in manufacturing products like mobile phones, wireless voice device, mobile music device, wireless data devices and Hi-tech accessories. Sony Ericsson is also famous in the production of these devices and currently their products have got the trust of many customers all over the world.

As we have already mentioned, this company has introduced a lot of stuff for its customers. Now, the company has finished the work on the fourth Android phone somewhere during the late last year. The name of this model is Xperia X8. This is the latest phone in a long line of amazing products that have been created and released by the company for its regular clients who try to use all the products that are released by the company.


This mobile phone has a lot of new features in it. Some of the most important and vital features of this mobile phone are listed here. This model comprises of a high quality 3.2-mega-pixels camera and also 2 GB of Micro SD card. The GPS and the 600 MHz processor available in this phone that has a 480x 420 display LCD and Bluetooth stereo with Wi-Fi connectivity make it one of the unique phones that are packed with some amazing features. The other features that are available in the phone are the AGSP, 3.5mm headset jack, Micro USB connector, 1200mAh battery and the memory that is expandable up to about 128MB of memory. It also supports the extra memory up to about 16GB.

It has the following services in its utility Google services including map with street view, search, YouTube, calendar, Gmail. The company has introduced it in silver/white, pink/white, white, aqua, blue/white. The weight of the headset is 104g. However, Sony Ericsson is not a big name in the world of US phones. In spite of this, people are seeing this model of Sony Ericsson on a global scale. There is only one exception and competition that is present for this mobile phone and that is Nokia. They are strictly implementing their own operating system on it’s every phone. Many people are waiting for Sony Ericsson to launch this mobile phone. It is expected that Xperia X8 will be launched in some parts of the world by the end of this summer season.