This phone comes with its 3.2 inches touch-screen which makes everything very responsive. Its chassis seem to have adopted the technological phone structure called the “human curvature” which provides well with very handy grip. The structure has nice curvature designed to sit well on the hand. Its Resistive screen feature appears less impressive. This feature doesn’t seem to stand in prestige.

The Vivaz follows the satio model as the second Sony ericsson phone model to follow the Symbian’s 5th edition in which, customizing of icons is available. Icons are more push able and the phone responds clearly to touches. It has a new glass screen which is responsible for the great responsive abilities. The menus were pretty much handy in navigation, so I might say certain issues regarding its performance is quite fair enough to provide necessary convenience to the user.

The phone excels in certain fields regarding its media abilities, especially in terms of photography and capturing videos. This probably stands out among the rest of the qualities we have often seen on various phones. It excels mainly on recording HD videos. Doing such is available only at pixels of 720. A phone with such a size is good enough though. Video recording seems to be smooth enough to produce quality videos which are passable enough in contrast to its 24fps frame rate. The phone also has a nice camera with 8.1 mega pixels and is able to take a snapshot at great speed but the quality doesn’t fall down. Taking pictures in this phone is at its best since a number of great photography options are available.

One more thing in regards to the phone’s media features, Sony Ericsson has added to this phone a 3.5mm headphone jack. This one would definitely hit a big score in terms of phone comparison. This phone has qualities we have never seen in the Satio version. The great overlays of the XMB have taken effect once again the media can be sorted easily into categories. Doing so is available via microSD card or PC plugging in. Either way you still see how convenient the phone’s media features are. The phone’s quality is good regarding the music. The video has cracking looks in the HD screen, but it is good enough though, if you are only after the odd TV shows.

Vivaz’s connectivity is quite fair enough, the browsers are fine but loading up pages seem to take time even under WiFi connection. The vivaz phone still seems a little troublesome in terms of technicalities compared to the slick phones of Android and Iphone. It still has to improve its performance with the 3G and WiFi. It’ll be ending up reconnecting over and over again.

The phone did not impress us since it does not have a flash player, but the Web pages seem to work well. Calling was quite fine, but the feeling of holding the phone to the ear didn’t suit us well, and at times the sounds produced by the speaker would seem so fuzzy.
Messaging came pretty handy as well, although the screen was resistive enough to require more pressure on the finger’s press. The screen was pretty small compared to other phones but in the end, the phone was fair enough to pull off a swift way of messaging.