From time immemorial Sony Corporation has always topped the chart and remained in lime light for the innovative and eye-catchy gadgets from its shelves. The Company launched the best ever gaming console’s like playstations that were very much adored by many gamers. The Company was the one that loaded the market with first ever Blue-ray disc, which can expand its storing space beyond 10 GB (Giga byte). Sony Corporation is the one which brought revolution by the introduction of LCD T.V like Bravia, which gave an outstanding theatre feel to the view and took the viewer in to a 3D world. Now to please its consumers the Company have launched yet another masterpiece. A life line for business, education and oodles of purposes is given a new definition by Sony Company. The Company is like a pioneer in the field of Technical gadgets. The life line is a “Projector”.

Now Sony has successfully launched the world’s first ever SXRD 3D Projector, the VPL-VW90ES model. This Projector is a gigantic one that makes use of the 3D projector which is located in front and makes use of the SXRD technology by Sony to offer the mono Ultra High kind of Performance. The latter will hold a price of $10,000 and an ES Label. It has got an ANSI lamp made from 1,000 lumens for the delivery of a gigantic 1080 p 24 picture quality. The projector’s 240 Hz rate of frame is the reason behind the 3D image quality of it. The 3D image fascinated chaps longing for a 3D effect need to have 3D shades on in order to enjoy to the maximum. Sony’s pioneer masterpiece will hit the market by early November this year.

Some features of the Projector

Feature one

Sony brings for its folks the 3D big-screen cinematic kind of experience and one can rejoice with the same sitting at home with the help of VPL-VW90ES. It is the first ever Sony’s projector to receive a tag of ES which stands for “Elevated Standard”. The latter mainly throws light on its significant feature of an awesome video quality and great build up quality.

Feature two

The SXRD technology adhering with the Projector by Sony stands for “Silicon X-Tal Reflective Display”. A HD (High definition) projector with resolution of 1920 x 1080 delivers the cinematic experience with the True Cinema touch with Sony’s 24p. For delivering the best full HD images in 3D, the latter holds a very high frame rate of 240Hz that leaves the folks with a smoothening effect of 3D world.

Feature three

The projector makes use of an UHP (Ultra High Performance) with 1,000 ANSI lumens that carves the brightness and delivers the best ever cinematic experience. The Advance Iris 3 technology by Sony aids to portray a much dynamic and fantastic contrast ration of about 150000:1.

Thus, if you long to get home the world’s first ever Sony Projector VPL-VW90ES with SXRD 3D technology will have to wait until the month of November this year.