Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products. The company is now looking forward for making its way in iPad markets. In the past, Sony thought that there are no great opportunities for iPad in international markets. But, after much success faced by the several iPad companies such as Apple, even Sony is now thinking to manufacture its own iPad as a rival of Apple and many other companies. On May 14th, one of its executives said that the company is desperately looking forward to introducing their first iPad into various International markets, but is looking forward to having a few more proofs about the response of people using the iPads. The executives of Sony have been talking about launching their iPad since many years but have now realized that there is a very large market for iPads. Apple has played a very important role in this whole scenario. Apple made its debut in the iPad industry by selling almost 1 million iPad. This amazing success of Apple has made them realize that they can also utilize this great opportunity by offering unique features in their iPads for their customers.

In a press conference, Abary, Senior Vice President of Sony: said that the company was quiet confused about the variety of opportunities for the technologies, such as iPad. However, can now make a better judgment regarding the opportunities that iPad has will continue to launch its new versions in the coming time. These remarks of the Senior Vice President of Sony gave a clear indication that Sony is thinking seriously about its iPad project. But there is a question in the minds of many people that will the new iPad be able to give a tough time to companies like Apple which has developed a good reputation in the world of iPad? Its answer is very much simple. As far as its ability is concerned then yes, it has the ability to give a tough fight to various companies like Apple and many others. It has already done in the field of other electronic appliances like manufacturing TVs, washing machines, laptops and many others electronic products. So, there is no doubt about that whether it can compete with Apple or not. Sony is also showing interest to give its focus to the devices of reader line that are very much helpful for displaying the digital books and many other such reading materials. Sony has earned a lot of profit from the sales of these special reading devices that are very much famous all over the world.

So, all these things indicate that in the near future, Sony has an ability to introduce its own iPad tablet that can be the composition of many features like reader device that is glorious like iPhone along with many unique features. If it succeeds to do it then it will soon become a great revival of Apple and many other iPad companies.