It is often difficult to capture a complete landscape or panoramic view, of a landscape, city or even a large family photo. The new Cyber shot offers users to click photos in a vertical stream, through which a wide lens allows you to take a picture panoramic view.

The secret to Sony’s panoramic camera is photo-capture technology, which captures the stream of images that are swiveled in vertical directions into a single image. The technology of the phone enables a sequential assembly of the pictures in a vertical movement depending on the camera movement. This means that the pictures have to be taken in a 180 or 90 degree angle in order to have a perfectly synchronized picture.

If you are one of those folks that usually go out for a hiking trip or a family picnic, then you would love to take a shot of the family with the backdrop of the horizon. In such a situation Sony’s Panoramic cyber-shot will come in handy to you. Just swivel the camera from right to left, and you will capture a panoramic view.

Apart from the panoramic view, the cyber shot also provide a high resolution megapixel camera, along with auto focus zoom and image enhancing technology, to reduce glare.

If you are looking for a phone for the outdoors, then the panoramic cyber-shot will definitely give you a better advantage over other cameras.

Some of the camera’s features are as follows:

  • Sweep Panorama
  • 720P HD movie recording
  • “Emor R” CMOS sensor
  • 14.1 megapixels
  • 10 fps continuous shooting