If you are a bibliophile, you might find it hard not to have a paperback safely ensconced in one of your bag’s pockets. You might have found it hard to read in the computer because it might not have a user friendly application. Using iPhone doesn’t offer that much comfort either because navigating its screen is a bit too tiny for reading lengthy passages of texts.

Don’t give up on you reading yet. You just might find your techie side bloom with Sony PRS 600 Reader Touch Edition. You know that feeling when you’ve come home from a long trip and you slowly sink into your own sofa? That would be something you would feel if you had an eBook reader like this.

Weighing only 10.1 oz, it is quite portable because it’s only about the size of a standard book. You could literally sink into your sofa and read books with it in as many positions you could muster. And that versatility is what an e-book reader should be about. Aside from the basic ePub and Adobe Digital Editions (for purchased eBooks), it also supports other formats like PDF, MS Word, RTF and Text files. This means that eBooks that you have kept from years back can be easily transferred through the eBook Library software. This software also allows you to sync your files, audio and notes with your PC. It also lets you have access to online eBook sellers.

The problem is it only has 512 MB of built-in ROM with 380 MB free for you to store your eBooks with. However, it does come with Memory Stick and SD card slots. With 16 GB of expanded storage space, however, you can maximize it and load your pictures and unsupported MP3 and AAC audio files.

Using E-ink Visplex Technology this Touch edition almost mimics the real book-reading experience without the glare to the eyes. Turning pages is a lot easier with its touch screen. It also has an integrated dictionary and note tool. You would appreciate this of you like catching up with your vocabulary and taking note while browsing through loads of information. That’s reading minus the bulk of a thesaurus at your foot and a highlight pen in your other hand. Although already with a 6” screen, it still offers the ability to increase the font size. With it having a touch screen though, there is a slight glare when it is exposed to brighter lights. This would be something that might irk you if your eyes easily strain or you have forgotten your eyeglasses somewhere else.

The battery life extends to two weeks of continuous reading. However, charging using the computer almost takes an eternity. Buying the optional battery charger will cost about $5 more on eBay. A bit disappointing since this should have come with the box accessories.

Compared to its predecessor Sony PRS 505, the Touch Edition has gone sleeker, thanks to the Touch screen. Navigation buttons are now at the button of the screen and accidental button clicks are less likely. You would love the option for other colors: red, black and silver.

This model, however, is for people who like the portability of small eBook readers. This Touch Edition does not have wireless or 3G connectivity to make its users rely less on their laptops or PC. Sony’s vamped up new PRS 900 BC Reader Daily Edition answers issues about the connectivity.

For now, the Sony PRS 600 Touch Edition deserves to have a space in your bed stand, a spot in your bag and a USB slot in your laptop. This eBook reader is also very competitive for a price as low as $250 on eBay, quite low for something that has more than ePub and an adequate online store to offer.

For sure every bibliophile would miss the feel of pages between their fingers. But who needs to haul tomes about if you can have a library within something this sleek. Although this movement of ePub will put the publishers into a quagmire, reading through eBooks is much more cost effective and green.