Tablet PC is one of the most talked gadgets today. The innovation started with the Apple’s iPad, they are the leader in this specific segment with highest shares. Tablet PC innovation also leads a war between Mobile phone makers. There is a race to get more and more consumers for their brand. With Android phones and Windows 7 phones are also getting bigger and influencing consumers the competition will be very interesting to watch out.



2011 is going to be a tech year for all tech hungry folks out there. As we have already saw it as the year of the tablet, then Smartphone with dual-core processors and also the presto. Now with the Sony announcement of unveils Tablet PC, the picture is getting really exciting. They are expecting this model to take on Apple’s iPad and also aim to capture second-biggest share in the market as Sony spokesperson Yoshiko Furusawa said.  Howard Stringer and Kunimasa Suzuki, deputy chief of Sony’s games unit told this at Las Vegas consumer electronic show but when Furusawa was contacted on phone he decline to confirm any more comments.

Sony is a reputed laptop maker famous for its amazing Vaio laptops will introducing the Tablet computers that according to ISuppli Corp. will triple to 171 million units by 2014 from 57 million this year.  Apple is currently dominating the Tablet computer market with 95% share and they sold 7.46 million iPad tablets between April and September. These data came by Strategy Analytics.  The news was reported online by Nikkei newspaper and today only. At recently held CES we saw many more new Tablets demonstrated by majors like Asustek Computer Inc., HTC Corp., and Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. 2011 is going to be a Tablet year as we already saw many innovative computers and also Samsung’s Galaxy Tab in September.

Tablet computers and Smartphones are hot topics these years and most of them are Android based. More Android-based tablets are coming with major companies like LG and Samsung is also planning to launch more tablets that work on the latest version of Android, Honeycomb. With the 3D-display it will be interesting to see how it will make effect in the Smartphone market. We also hope more innovation this year and we are eagerly waiting for the same product. As we already said, 2011 going be vital year for all tech-savvy products. More features will be added in Androids, there will be competition with Windows 7 phones also and there will be lot more innovating technology coming soon in this year.  With major like Sony is entering this segment, we are hoping more exciting and innovative Tablet future ahead. Sony has proved itself with laptops and 3-D technology and they will get to establish among these majors Tablet computer makers.