Sony has spent a great deal of time for its two hour long E3 keynote in which it discussed the upcoming move of the PlayStation. But still there is more to come in which it has to be revealed that what is the new plan for the subscription to the PSN, the brand new game called the Twisted Metal game as well as the release date for the GT5 (Gran Turismo 5).

New Subscription Plan

PlayStation Plus will be the new plan for the subscription to the PlayStation Network and the subscribers will have to pay an amount of $ 49.99 in order to get full free access to the PSN games, which can be easily kept by the subscribers till the time of subscription and also they would be able to have exclusive and early access to the beta versions and to the demos. They will also be given an auto update feature which would allow them to download certain content of their choice, exclusive DLC and some of the other content free of charges such as the Minis and themes etc. You can also pay $17.99 if you wish to have these services for a period of three months rather than paying an amount of $50 for the whole year.

GT5 is coming

A brand new addition to the Twisted Metal series has been done for the gamers. This has been developed by Game studio, Sleep and David Jeff’s Eat. PS3 exclusive will be released some time in the coming year and would be featuring the motorcycles, helicopters, multiplayer mode which would be based on the objectives, and also the factions that would be based of different characters such as the Sweet tooth. It would also be having huge and massive stages with towering skyscrapers that would be connected by such highways that are filled with traffic.

Third party support

In some of the keynote’s surprises, Gabe Newell of Valve, who had been infamous for the negative comments he made about the PS3, has said that not only Portal 2 would be played on the Sony console but it will also be supported on the Steam Cloud. This could be done for the ease of users so that they can easily switch between the PS3 and the PC for accessing the data which they have saved. He further added that the version of PS3 is going to be the best of all. EA also disclosed some of the games that will be having content for the PS3 exclusively.

Through Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Ubisoft is also getting in the action of PS3 exclusive. This version of the game would be featuring the exclusive missions as well as the multiplayer beta that would be only available on the Song console.

Many of the great announcements were made at the E3 keynote of Sony but some of the most notable titles were mission. Still the show was great for the company and had many new titles added to the list of the games. The third party support was also very strong in the show and many great announcements were made.