In the world of handheld game systems, Sony has hit a snag again when it comes to releasing. According to circulating reports, Sony’s PSP2 will be delayed due to issues involving the processor. It appears that the PSP2, a successor to the former PSP, will support an Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU. This is according to Charlie Demerjian of Semi Accurate. Charlie was among those who attended a recent SEMICON event in Santa Clara, where he overheard a number of complaints based on the performance Nvidia’s new Tegra 2 chip. Due to the CPU’s power consumption problem; Sony is now holding back the development of the device until Nvidia squares up its CPU issues.


Previously, Nvidia had promised Sony to squeeze in on its power consumption to the accepted 5% margin. Instead, according to Nvidia engineers, the Tegra 2 is more than 20% over budget. This may explain why Nvidia PR changed its focus, all over sudden, of the PSP screed to as much as possible, avoid the word ‘phone’. Luckily for Sony, the PSP2 does not have phone capabilities.

A way out.

For now, Sony’s possible way out is completely unknown. Analysts and eager consumers can only speculate over the limited possible choices that Sony has. Will they wait for a customized Tegra 2 that will meet their requirements to be introduced? Will they be forced to downgrade their PSP2’s specifications to give room for a decent battery life?  Will they have to find an alternative for Tegra 2, and is it possible in the first place.


At the end of the day for Sony and any other manufacture, it’s about delivering quality and not how fast quantity is delivered. Why be in a hurry to deliver faster than your market can consume? As much as competition might be tight, all that consumers need is pure quality. Whether it be an upgrade or a new product. Sony had better play their cards right.

A complete letdown

Considering that there must have been some few problems (they being minor or major notwithstanding) during the creation process of PSP2, the power issue might have made things even worse for Sony. This means inevitable delays in Sony’s part and possible loss of valuable time and money, both during creation and postponing the launch. If they will eventually have to downgrade the PSP2 specifications, they will still be faced with the issue of going back to the drawing board, which is both resourceful and stannous. Fitting into Sony’s shoes, anybody would be very disappointed with Nvidia.

Continuous rumors and speculations.

Being mere speculations, word is that the situation in the streets is as bad as it is in Nvidia board rooms when Sony officials walk in. On the same note, this might be the reason for Sony’s lame E3 conference with respect to PSP. The PSP2 was missing at the conference. According to Charlie Demerjian, Sony might be planning to make public the PSP2 at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) that is to takes place in early January next year in Las Vegas Nevada.