The Russian Government, also known as the FSB, is given access to use Windows 7 and Windows home office as needed due to a contract previously signed. It is being considered by Microsoft that by allowing the Russian Government to use these programs, it will secure authority purchases in the future. They are hoping to increase sales. Many people do not agree with Microsoft’s decision and feel that it is a bad idea to allow any non American country the use of American high tech programs. The original deal was between Microsoft and a group called Atlas, which is a considered part of the government in Russia and was operated by the people who master in the media department.

Microsoft Already Sharing Information

What most people do not know is that most of this information has been shared already with several upper personnel companies and authority figure groups. There is an initiative that promotes this sharing of information to people all across the globe, and not just on a high range either. Executives from Microsoft feel that it is important for everyone to have access to this information in order to increase business dealings and protect users PCs, whether for business or personal use. They currently have several agreements with different authorities and big corporations.

The Code Could Spell Trouble For Some Authorities

A top personnel member stated that the information, when given to the wrong source could cause big issues within the strength of the system. They said that loops could be found within the code to leave the governments weak and vulnerable to the actions of another country. This is counteracted by another skilled person in this area that it can happen with or without the use of the code and that it is not of concern whether another nation has it or not. There is no evidence to support either theory and remains part of a debate by several high end specialists. It is possible to find a gap in the program as with almost any other and is commonly known to be a fairly large amount in Microsoft’s programs. This together with the ill intentions of another country, could mean big problems for America or vice versa. Microsoft personnel could close these gaps but with the sheer numbers of them it would be impossible to safeguard them all. The users would though be able to see if their system had been compromised.

Microsoft’s Decision Unanimous

Top executive responsible for major deals within Microsoft says that it was not the sole decision of just one person to allow Russian governments to use the code as they wish. It was told to be made by the entire company and anyone of importance in making choices within. Basically it is supposed to help achieve strong national security and simply added to a previous deal already made. It is expected to build a solid relationship with the officials in Russia. There are still many arguments to this by several people in positions of high authority.