There are several companies which have been responsible for the introduction of new technologies, but Nuance has managed to stand out in more ways than one. The company is a very reputed one and has proved to be the leading one in application development in a huge way. The company has been a major factor which has governed the mobile application industry in a huge way. There are several applications which the company can be proud of. However, the latest one and probably the best one has to be the speech transcription SDK for iOS and Android applications. The speech transcription application has made mobile handling even simpler and easier in more ways than one.

The application allows the users to dictate the directions for the mobile phone. The application would need the user to tap the mobile phone and pass the necessary directions. The mobile phone would work according to the directions laid down by the user. The application has been developed very carefully keeping in mind the need of the society. There are more than 35 languages that are tagged with the application. The application has been a major hit in almost all parts of the world. There are several surveys which have managed to prove that people from all parts of the world and sectors of the society have accepted the application. The application has been praised by all users who have used it. The front end of the system is extremely attractive and user friendly. The users can even set exclusive voice command by recording their voice. The application has been the perfect addition to the modern world which depends completely on technology in more ways than one. Thus, using the application should not be a problem for any user in any way.

It is strongly advised to all users to ensure that they give the application a try. The application can make the experience of handling a mobile phone a completely different one.