Every time you think of downloading a mobile app, a mere thought of slow-loading stops you from getting your hands on your favorite mobile application.

Slow-loading apps can be a real frustration for users who seek better and fast result in shortest period of time. Keeping in mind their basic requirement, Golgi has come up with a “spinning wheel” sort of mechanism where in a user can increase the loading speed of apps by up to 20 times. It does this by managing the exchange of data between apps, servers and devices.

Founded just a year back, Golgi launched with US$5 million in funding from Openmind Networks and the company aims to help developers by speeding up the transfer of data. During its launch, Golgi explains that 80 percent of Smartphone users expect apps to load in three seconds or less and the 79 percent will only retry a mobile app once or twice in case it failed to load the first time. This research encourages the team of Golgi to find a solution and here they are with a perfect way out.

Golgi CTO Brian Kelly tells, “If one thinks of transferring data reliably, efficiently, and in a timely fashion, it occupies a significant portion of a developers limited time. Also, getting the data delivered to the device as soon as it is available is a big challenge that most of the developers face today.”

Golgi is launched recently however its platform has been in development for over 10 years. It is created in two main parts; the first is a code generation tool to allow developers to create custom data transfer code and the second part is Golgi’s data transfer platform. Whenever a sender tries to load an app, first the data gets uploaded to Golgi, which then pings the receiving device to send the information in pieces as fast as possible.

Kelly further adds, “Golgi offers the best way to download an app in shortest time span without having to write the code.”

To use Golgi, one might have to pay $199 per month for apps with up to 20, 000 users, $999 per month for apps with up to 200,000 users and free for apps that has up to 10, 000 users.