ASUS, the leading manufacturer of high-end graphics solutions, today launched the ASUS Republic of Gamers MATRIX/HTDI/896MD3 ENGTX260 graphics card. This hardware comes with the improved hybrid double sink + Cooler to control the fan speed automatically and independently. Dubbed the smartest card in the world, the Matrix series is equipped with ROG-exclusive technologies and features that unlock the power of graphics cards, allowing players to experience unprecedented visuals in the game. The graphics cards are capable of achieving this goal through several unique features, including: Dual fan control program that provides independent adjustments of fans Hybrid + Cooler, Integrated hardware and software for all graphics features, Customizable control cards that provide a new level of control for players, Precise adjustments of the GPU and voltages memory of total surveillance of GPU, memory, Power IC, ambient temperature.

A perfect answer to the needs of games

Composition of elegant lines, a futuristic-looking interbred Cooler + circuit and a black, the ASUS ROG Matrix ENGTX260 is instantly recognizable as a piece of equipment for high end gaming. The logo is important ROG emblazoned on the radiator, symbolizing the promise to provide ROG extreme gaming performance. The ROG ENGTX260 matrix is also equipped with the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine (SHE), Hybrid Cooler and iTracker + technology which provides 21% performance improvement in 3D fashion, while providing 48% less power, or much less noisy 2D cooling to meet the diverse needs of players.

Up to 21% faster in 3D mode

ROG MATRIX ENGTX260 GPU and memory voltages of 1.15V and 1.18V and increased 1.92V and 1.93V, respectively, when working in 3D. This increases the GPU, shader and memory clock at 576MHz and 700MHz more performance, 1242MHz and 1500MHz and 2000MHz and 2300MHz respectively. Such performance improvements only increase the ROG MATRIX ENGTX260 3DMark Vantage Extreme Mode score from 4656 to 5623, an incredible increase in speed by 21% compared to the reference of other arrangements for the government.

Proactive Automatic Hybrid cooling Cooler +

Tagged as the GPU thermal smart and innovative best solution available today, the Hybrid Cooler + was inspired hybrid cars. With a revolutionary combination of fan and heat sink on the card, the Hybrid Cooler + offers on its target level of performance as much energy as possible. When required, both fans and heatsink will work together for optimum cooling, with two fan speeds automatically and independently controlled through the world only for the detection of GPU load.

Up to 48% saving of power and quiet cooling recorded in 2D mode

When running in 2D mode and during periods of low power consumption, the ROG MATRIX ENGTX260 automatically reduces GPU and memory voltages from 1.15V to 1.92V to 1.90V 1.05V, respectively, and energy saving large. In addition, the Auto Phase Switch technology optimizes the power supplied by the power phase for maximum efficiency. Through the combination of stress relief phase Auto Switch exceptional technology, energy consumption ENGTX260 ROG MATRIX is reduced from 56.07W to 28.92W, surprising energy savings of 48% compared to any other reference designed boards.