Microsoft introduced a new technology designed for improving battery installation which is called InstalLoad battery installation technology. With this technology, users can easily install a battery in a simple way for very simple installation. For this reason, people will never have to worry about which direction they want to put their battery in again. Microsoft Corporation basically is engaged in developing, manufacturing, licensing, and supporting a huge range of software products and services for different types of computing devices.  This Microsoft’s has five business segments, like Client, Server and Tools, Online Services Business, Microsoft Business Division, and Entertainment and Devices Division.  All these software products and services are  basically operating systems, and these operating systems are for servers, personal computers, and intelligent devices; server applications for distributed computing environments; information worker productivity applications; business solutions applications; computing applications; software development tools, and video games.

Stock updates for Google

This is a acquisition company, Google Inc. are very recently acquired flight search company, ITA, in exchange of  $700 million and JP Morgan analysts this estimate, in which  around 10% of Google’s search revenue comes from travel revenue. These ITA flight companies basically deal with the flight information such as fares, schedules, and availability to most of the popular online travel sites, travel search engines, and airlines.  This is a technology based company, which basically maintains index of Web sites and other online content which is important users, advertisers, Google network members, and other content providers and this is  also helps users to obtain instant access to relevant information from its online index. Crown Equity Holdings, introduced that it has developing and maintaining financial news websites in all the major countries. And it also establishes websites for various cities within every state of the U.S. Crown Equity Holdings Inc. basically assists and consults with domestic and foreign companies. If is also interested to becoming publicly traded in the United States. The company’s subsidiary designs and manufactures multi-monitor computer systems for financial traders and audio/video professionals. And these are also engages in the resale and distribution of computer components through its Web site.

It is a professional consulting firm. It basically assists foreign and domestic companies in all aspects of business development and is also becoming publicly traded. The Companies IR/PR division has grown into a full online public awareness service firm with a complete line of advertising and marketing tools at their disposal. Ken Bosket he is a CEO of Crown Equity Holdings, Inc., stated that, their goal is to have all CREW’s client’ press releases, articles and news content published into every major financial countries. CRWE basically is a consulting organization which provides and assists small business owners with the help of knowledge which required in taking their company public, and has re-focused its primary vision with its aligned group of independent website divisions.