RevenueWire the affiliate network specializing in high demand digital products has announced the addition of STOPzilla to its affiliate network. RevenueWire began operations in 2007 offering an exciting and new medium for merchants and affiliate marketers alike. The high returns given to RevenueWire’s customers come from its ease of use, its payment system SafeCart and an effective sales referral and analytic tools.

STOPzilla is a very popular anti-spyware program which has been downloaded over 20 million times and boasts of a worldwide user base. This huge following could be due to the software’s ease of use free unlimited customer support.

The company behind STOPzilla is the International Software Systems Solutions, Inc. (iS3) Formed in 1991 in Florida, it started of as a consulting firm with several high-end customers which included Kmart and IBM for its enterprise solutions.

The STOPzilla anti-spyware comes equipped with many features including real time detection where legitimate software are allowed to continue operating whereas spy-wares are detected even before they attack your system, blocking and quarantining of any spy-ware in the system.


It also has four types of configurable and on demand spy-ware scanning, these are Quick Scan, Intelligent Scan, Full Scan or Custom Scan. Each of these scan a specific area of the users computer and when this is done, the user can view the results and decide whether to allow, remove or leave the detected infections in the quarantine.

The software also has a feature known as SITEguard which detects and blocks malicious websites which contain spy-ware or other exploits. This is done by scanning the traffic that is coming into the network and blocks any website that might be exploiting vulnerabilities to infect the user’s system with spy-ware.

Users can configure the software’s Active Enforcers to monitor the computer’s resources to make sure that it has not been infected with potentially malicious software.

STOPzilla has an advanced Pop-up blocker that intercepts and destroys all forms of Pop-up advertisements while allowing user-requested Pop-ups to display. The pop-up blocker can distinguish legitimate Pop-ups from the annoying Pop-up Ads. The other basic Pop-up blockers will not block Pop-ups emanating from Spyware in the system. STOPzilla’s Pop-up blocker blocks both Web site spawned Pop-ups as well as Pop-ups launched by Spyware or Adware applications.