The new study is a shocker by any means if you have always thought your buddies were using their iPhones too much. I have always thought people kind of tend to use their iPhones all the time seeing as it is that each time I spot an iPhone user, they always seem to be engrossed in using their phones. Well, if you think you have seen too many people using iPhones, think again because a new report released recently details the opposite.

Droid Users Using their Devices more

According to a research report released just last week, it appears Droid users are using their devices more for Web surfing than other mobile phone users such as iPhones. This kind of shocked me, that the average Verizon Wireless smart phone user uses up more of the network’s wireless data every month than what an AT&T user ever uses, despite the fact that you would want to believe more people are using their iPhones for surfing. According to the report done by Validas, the firm surveyed 20,000 cellphone bills and the result was the opposite of what you would expect. Apparently there are as many iPhone users gobbling up network data as people would have you think when you see them engrossed in their iPhone hand sets. What makes this story rather interesting is the fact that, in terms of customer numbers, AT&T is king with unrivalled end users in its portfolio given the bigger number of smart phone users registered with the firm.

iPhone Boosts Verizon

But even so, the larger customer users can be attributed in a larger extent to its exclusivity deal with iPhone that means all smart phone users using Apple’s iPhone must be registered with the firm. However, the ever increasing presence of the Droid, encompassing Verizon phones from Motorola and HTC that operate on Google Inc’s Android platform have been crucial behind the push by Verizon, America’s largest cellphone carrier, into the higher echelons of the handsets market. With the fast growing smart phone in the US, competition has never been this crucial and Verizon appears to be claiming its rightful place if this report is anything to base on.

Megabytes Per Month

To break it down to you, Verizon’s smart phone peaks at 421 megabytes per month whereas AT&T peaks at about 338 megabytes per month, revealed the report. However, the report’s averages above do not include the highly selling blackberry smart phones manufactured by Research in Motion given the fact that they on average use very little internet when compared to their Android and iPhone rivals in the market. According to Validas, the report will be released completely come September 2010, but even so, the preliminary release as expounded above places blackberry usage in all carriers at a mere 50 gigabytes per month.

The research done by Validas was from its customer’s wireless billing information using its opt-in recommendation for individuals that want money-saving instructions with regard to their cellphone arrangements with the company.