There have been rumors that Google is about to launch a pay wall system for online newspapers. Google spokesman has confirmed that the great Google Company has been talking with several publishers.

Since the income of newspaper companies and publishers have been falling and falling year after year, they have decided that it’s time to go with what’s in. Most have attempted to move into the vast market online. Even the New York Times have declared publishing their contents online with a paid subscription version.

However, there exists a dilemma regarding this kind of business. They could not find a system that can handle the subscription payments for the newspapers. That is why Google produced Google Checkout. This is indeed the perfect solution for their problem. With just a click, the subscription process can be made whether you have a personal computer, a Mac or even right through your cell phones.

According to an Italian online publication, La Republica, the platform gives publishers a pay wall. Google has to exert an extra effort with regards to its partnership with publisher, more specifically in Italy where there are flaring antitrust authorities. The same with other great Google products, they aim to reach as much global audience as possible. However, the spokesperson denied that they have something important to announce at this time.

Krishna Bharat made Google News as a search engine during the terrorist attack on New York City’s twin towers on September 11. He desired to give out the news from different source to the whole world without breaking any copyright laws.

However, when trying to read news from publishers and portal, he knew right then and there that there was no way that it could be possible for covering the same topic from various sources. For him, this was quite tragic. With Google News, readers are lead to the source without destroying the web portals.

Back to the subscription fees for publisher, Newspass has been created for the payment system allowing publishers to charge their content. The readers will be able to pay through Google Checkout. When the plan will be put to action, the Google news search page will provide people with paid-for news articles and with free ones. The paid-for articles will be easily accessed by all the internet users in the world since their pages will show on search engines.

Aside from the news alone, according to La Republica, the NewsPass will also sell videos and images related to the news. The vice president of Google, Henrique de Castro, told the newspaper company that they a great partnership with news organizations, not a bloody competition. But how does this NewsPass work? Users will log-in once for them to access all the news sites. The Google news search will label the results as paid or unpaid, as stated earlier. And by clicking on the paid result, it will automatically charge the readers through Google Checkout.

This is great news for newsmakers. However, can this be an effective market in today’s society? Let’s wait and see for ourselves.

Under the plan, users will have a single log-in across all news sites. Results of a Google news search will end up being labeled either unpaid or paid; clicking on a result that is paid will automatically stimulate a payment through Google Checkout.