AT&T and Dell Relationships

There has been a smooth relationship going on between AT&T and the Dell . Both these companies have proved themselves in the international market with some of the amazing products on store. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of users in the recent past for both AT&T and Dell services. There was some years back the introduction of the Dell streak units for which AT&T had provided the network and management support. The technical coordination of the two companies was wondered among all the top notch companies in the world. But in the recent past, there is a MoDaCo forum that has been receiving many complaints regarding the calls which have been placed through the Dell Streak. This article elaborates more on the issue and the possible reasons for the arrival of the same.

AT&T – Dell Streak network Issue

In the recent past in the forums, there was an issue regarding the calls which were placed using the Dell Streaks. The calls have got automatically diverted to the AT&T customer care support without any proper notification. There is a huge discussion that is going on as to what would be the real cause of this new problem. Also there has been a concern raised regarding the 2G and 3G services for the Dell streaks which have become inactive. Both these issues have been of major concern for both these top notch companies who never have faced issues like this previously.

The root cause for the problem is associated with the freeze which was made some months ago in relation to the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). Their beta test which was conducted by the Dell for the Dell streak equipments were considered to be biased of this problem. The others which did not go through this test started facing the call diversion and failure in 2G and 3G. Thus, the mobile equipments of Dell which were not a part of Beta test was recommended to go for the test to continue the services without any issues. Also there is another story that is developing in the same forum. AT&T has shown that it is going to establish its foot in the field of mini – tablet phones. So, there is also a predication from the experts that because of this expansion, there might be unique preparation of the block currently happening.

Until now, there has been no official word that has been released by both these companies. Nor the press statement of AT&T and Dell have related to these issues. But there is an official word from AT&T that there is research going on and very soon expected to be released to the market with regards to the mini tablet phones. Thus, many experts consider this might be the cause for the problem. On the other hand, there have also been the reports that Beta test on Dell streak when done; there has been the reduction in the current issue. Therefore, one can say that there is the vague picture still remaining on this problem.