SugarCRM has launched a major breakthrough in its open source customer relationship management platform. SugarCRM has a great history of assisting a broad range of industries to work towards better business performance, provide an insight of the business profits and assure customer delight. SugarCRM has always thought ahead to use the technology for the companies to manage their customer relationships. SugarCRM has hence leaded the market with its open source CRM application in the past few years.With Sugar 6, SugarCRM brings up more in its leading commercial open source CRM application.

Sugar CRM with its Sugar 6 will keep up its image to provide better features that will help driving sales and provide better business performance for companies. Sugar 6 has the caliber to support critical business processes and meet the individual demands of the various business types. The upgrade called the Sugar 6 from SugarCRM emphasizes on ease for information access, usage and set up by the user. The Sugar 6 from SugarCRM offers a much simpler Web 2.0 interface using larger icons, a shortcut bar and simpler default views. The upgrade also offers one click access to greater data than the earlier version.

Actually SugarCRM has always supported companies communicate better, share sales information and offer customer satisfaction. With Sugar 6, you have everything that is available in SugarCRM but a lot faster. You get an access to anything within the application with a single click of the mouse. Sugar 6 can handle complex data with ease. You will not even see the screen blinking for a while before you get the results. Sugar 6 is designed to be extremely user friendly so that it provides utmost convenience to the users. The speed, simplicity and interoperability are the main features of the newly launched Sugar 6 from SugarCRM.

The new Sugar 6 is very convenient for the users as they can now have an access to various menus and even the previously used pages while they are in between an application. This is a great feature especially when you are using a multi-module application. Another great feature of Sugar 6 is the Short Cut Bar. The Short Cut bar offers the ease to log on to an incoming call or you can even assign a task without leaving the screen. Another interesting feature of newly launched Sugar 6 is that it allows the users to view as well as integrate the information from various social networking web sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Hoover’s within the SugarCRM user interface.

SugarCRM has been absolutely convenient for its users since it supports multiple operating systems and cloud platforms. It supports variety of hand held devices like Apple’s iPad and supports Microsoft Office as well. With all the above features, the Sugar 6 comes with additional perks of Global Search and Set up wizard. Then, there is Sugar Studio for improved customization utility. This feature of Sugar 6 allows the users to alter the default fields as well as customize the default views.