A minimum of three social networking accounts, about 200 to as many as thousand friends altogether, continuous pokes and tweets and diggs. Seems a little too much? There are so many people out there who do think they had enough of social networking. Constant updating and keeping up with everyone has deprived many of their real lives. Many people want nothing but a break from all of it and live their actual life for once. If you too came under this category then here is our recommendation, commit suicide!

Okay, now don’t frown at us we are not actually encouraging people for suicide, rather a virtual suicide. Enter suicidemachine.org, an online suicide planner for you. The idea behind the site is pretty simple, people have substituted their online lives for their offline ones and for those who want to break away from this, the website shows the way. This all new Web 2.0 service helps in deleting all your online presence completely. No we are not kidding, all you have to do is sign up for the service and provide the passwords to your social networking sites and the server does the rest. It first changes the passwords to your accounts and then delete all your friends one by one. It also physically delete all the tweets you have ever made.

In short this online service wipes off traces of your online existence totally. The web site also features a rather funny video about a middle aged man using the service and starting to spend more quality time with his family. So far the site shows a statistic of 1300 people opting for this service. Compared to the 400 million Facebook users and the 100 million Twitter users this is just a pinch. Nevertheless Facebook is not happy with this service and has also served the website a legal notice. They have also blocked the site’s IP address for a while.

The website also gives pointers on what to do after your suicide. They recommend a walk in the park, a bottle of wine or a calling some friends. There is also the side effect in the form of an empty feeling which the website claims will fade away in a couple of days.

This is a pretty serious step but trust this site to make something as morbid as suicide funny. We would not recommend this just for fun but this is a rather useful tool if you are planning to make a new start or wish to escape from a cyberstalker. You could create an all new improved avatar of yourself .