This latest game title release from Nintendo 3DS that is already gaining critical acclaim all over the world, provides a very strong reason for the console owners to rejoice over.

Bought a Nintendo 3DS this Black Friday? Here is a game you would just love to play – Super Mario 3D Land. Rated ‘E’ (Everyone), this game title published by Nintendo has everything to entertain you with your device. Not exactly a cumbrous 3D game, it is a perfect mix of 3D and 2D mechanics to maintain the fluidity of the gameplay. To state it straight forward, Super Mario 3D Land makes you nostalgic once more whether it is the Goombas, the freezing ghosts, music blocks, gold coins, flagpoles, the ever evil Bowser, or the Princess Peach kidnapped by him.

The game is immaculately designed for complete fun time. You would at once notice that the missing classic Fire Power has been re-integrated into the gameplay and the familiar Tanooki Suit has found its place back into this version. There are some new features that you would have to bank upon in your play through, such as the Boomerang Mushroom that empowers you with unlimited provision of boomerangs to strike with. Another power-up feature is the Propeller Box that helps Mario (the player) to take big jumps as well as to slow down during a fall. However, unlike previous versions, you would not have the liberal power-up resources. Instead, you have to use them in a thrifty manner to avoid their consequent dearth that simply means one life lost.

Playing through the first few levels is breeze enough, unless you are a new admirer of the Mario legend. However, as you move up, the levels (Worlds) get tougher and demand your skills and attention altogether. Another similar but stiffer eight levels unlock as soon as you complete the first eight. The Nintendo 3DS portable game console offers enjoyable gaming as the joypad provides good control over the gameplay. There is a range of hidden secrets that you would feel thrilled enough to look for, provided you keep yourself under the given time limit at each level.

The visuals are truly exciting and the worlds look creative, sharp, and colorful. The gyroscope feature of the Nintendo 3DS, offers enhanced viewing while using the binoculars. Another feature, StreetPass, lets you to see the best time scores daring you to stand better. Super Mario 3D Land is an addictive, immersive, and refreshing game released for your Nintendo 3DS. If you are looking for an in-depth adventure on your Nintendo 3DS console, this game title would certainly do more than enough for you.

Even if you do not own one, this Christmas season could be a great time to go for all the fun-filled adventure with a new Nintendo 3DS. After all, the already-in-spotlight Super Mario 3D Land would descend right in your hands then.

For more details on this game, you can visit the Nintendo Super Mario 3D Land webpage.