Will the Supermoon on March 19, 2011 lead to natural calamities? The full moon on 19th March will be just 221,567 miles from Earth. This distance between Moon and Earth will be the closest in the past eighteen years. In 2011, this will be the biggest full moon to be observed on Earth, and the supermoon will look brighter and bigger as it will be at the perigee. In contrast the moon will appear smaller on October 11, 2011 as it will be at the apogee.


Due to the full moon on 19th March, high and low tides are likely to be caused in areas of the United States such as North Carolina and New York City. Recently there have been many claims made by people that natural disasters can be caused by the Supermoon. According to a statement by astrologer Richard Nolle, the super moon can lead to Earthquakes and other natural phenomena. But NASA scientists have clarified that the Supermoon will not cause natural calamities. The high and low tides are normal occurrences associated with the moon. Usually the Moon does not cause Earthquakes or volcanoes. But it waits to be seen whether there will be any adverse effects of the Supermoon.  For the latest in tech news from around the world, log into Techgenie again.