Challenges Attached With Server Consolidation And Virtualization

It has been reported that there are various challenges, which are being faced by users, who are associated with virtual consolidation and virtualization. This information is given by the decision makers, who deal with IT related projects in Europe and North America. The study conducted by this commission had found that three major challenges have been experienced, which are described in the following points.

  • The first challenge is about the difficulty being faced, while evaluating the size and capacity of the server, which is needed for the support of virtual containers.
  • The second challenge is related to the difficulty, in terms of assessing and monitoring of those candidates, which are given the responsibility of dealing with application virtualization related to performance and burden of work.
  • Last challenge, but fairly not of least importance and consideration is that mostly huge and complicated performance based issues occur at crucial times. And it happens because of the strife of resources between all the containers.

Above mentioned are major challenges being faced. Initially, all of these three challenges were identified in the study called Q4 2008. In the beginning, they were not of serious nature, but now they have started to bring complex problems and are closely associated with the virtualization process, which is highly dynamic in nature. In order to bring alteration and changes in the activity of allocating resources at initial stages does require sheer attention. It is very important that performance based application is precisely and carefully monitored and viewed. In this way, it would become easier to avoid unexpected problems with the performance and would reduce contention between the allocated resources of physical nature.

Scot Adams, the Director of Product Management has said that when it comes to virtualization, then there are many benefits attached with it, as it helps in lowering the number of hardware and it also helps in reducing the consumption of power. On the other hand, it brings in some problems with it. It increases complication in the management process because the permanent relationship and contact between hardware/physical resources comes to an end. It is very important that the challenges with virtualization should be solved and sorted out, before they start troubling the entire system.

With the introduction and availability of software called capacity management, the challenges with virtualization can be sorted. This software helps in managing the workload and performance in all the environments, which are based on hybrid nature and are virtualized. In order to run the organizations in a smooth manner, it is important that the companies should start using this innovative software, which improves the efficiency throughout all those platforms, which are virtualized. In this way, it will become easier to review and observe the historical data and future analysis related to the delivering of services would also be improved. It has become very important that in today’s world, the organizations should have top notch virtualization systems. In this way, there will be no problem, even the case of increased work or data load.