Do you visit social networking websites? Is privacy a concern for you? According to a recent survey done, most of the people accessing various social networking sites are concerned about privacy related issues. In this era of information where sharing of information over internet is quite common, it is quite obvious to give utmost importance to privacy and security.

A lot of people are concerned about the security of their information which seems to be at stake in the current scenario when social networking sites are bombarded with traffic. Recently, in a debate held by industrial onlookers, this issue was to know the extent to which people are bothered about the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the social networking websites they are using. Many of them argued that with the coming up of sites such as Twitter where people and celebrities post anything they like to update, provides an evidence that people are safe in terms of privacy they share. While some are of the view that people are themselves responsible for what they post, as photos, updates etc can be viewed by everyone that logs to the website.

A survey conducted in US, revealed that 50% of the social networking users are excessively worried about solitude. In another survey, a security company revealed the significance of adoption of geo-location services that would help the user of the social networking site to relay as to where they are, at any moment of time.  As much as 55% of users that make use of geographical location service believe that it wears away privacy, while the rest 45% are of the view that this service is of great help.

Studies have divulged that women tend to be more careful when it comes to privacy than men. Also it has been found that older people are more reluctant and do not share their private information as compared to young generation. As per a new poll, many people in US who use Facebook, Myspace and other social networking websites have greater concern regarding their privacy on the website.

A recent amendment was done by Facebook in its policies so that users get to know which information is visible to all, and details of how to alter their privacy settings. There are certain ads displayed on these social networking sites that inform you how to restrict you information and share it only with the people you want to. There are options available even to share the information with a selected number of people of your prefer.

Out of a survey conducted on 1004 people, 27% of them were apprehensive about the issue, whereas 23% had a far greater concern for privacy. The younger people often adopt a carefree approach when it comes to privacy, but old Americans worry for privacy the most because these websites do not have a natural instinct of secrecy which bothers them much unlike as in case of youngsters.