Security solution provider Symantec Corporation has announced enhancements to its enterprise mobile security product. These include capabilities for mobile application management, data loss prevention (DLP), certificate management and code signing for developers.

How the new features will benefit users?

According to Symantec, the features will help IT cope with the rising Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, which has employees increasingly using their own mobile devices for work. The BYOD trend has brought sleepless nights to the IT staff of any company worrying how to prevent tablet- and smartphone-toting employees from sending corporate e-mail through personal e-mail accounts or cloud sharing services like Dropbox, SugarSync or Google Drive.

Symantec has also joined the Microsoft System Center Alliance ecosystem and will work with the software giant to develop and promote its offerings.

“This news from Symantec … further validates our long-held assertion that mobile security will become not only its own market, but the market, as traditional desktop threats move to mobile devices and receive more exposure in the general public and tablets outsell laptops,” commented Spencer Cobb, CEO and co-founder of Mobile Active Defense (MAD).