Skype, as we all know, is a free software allows you to make free internet calls. All calls that are Skype to Skype are free. You can also call landline on very nominal rates by buying Skype credit. Skype is being support by multiple PC and Handheld platform.

With the software’s version of handheld devices, one can contact Skype contact from the mobile device free from any Wifi zone. Instant Messages and Group IMs can also be sent over Skype. It also allows you to share pictures and movies, but this feature is limited to certain handsets. It also allows you to call landline, other mobile phones and send text messages at a very low cost.

When it comes to handheld devices, Skype is the most popular on iPhone. But Skype knows to please every customer. So this time it has launched an updated version of Skype for Symbian mobiles. It has added a lot of new features and has done many new fixes and enhancements. It is now able to support the new range of Nokia Phones and also the Sony Erricson Satio, Vivaz Pro devices, etc.

The Improvements

Skype has worked a lot to improve this face of it software by performing a lot of tweaks on it. As mentioned before, it has added support for a lot of new Nokia, Sonny Ericsson, Vivaz and Vivaz Pro devices. The sign in has been improved a lot as well. Now it takes lesser time to sign in and also does not loose connection while signing in. The Ram usage has been greatly decreased. This means that now you would get lesser held up phones and also would be able to run Skype in parallel with other apps. This feature has greatly reduced the battery consumption by 20%. The user interface has totally been overhauled and now gives a new refreshing look. It has added support for showing your mobile number while sending SMS from Skype to other mobile networks. It also now provides with a new option of choosing the time frame of calls or SMS to remember the history on the device.

Previous whenever a file was received, Skype would ask to where to save it. This featured has been enhanced by adding the option of default file receiving option. And now you do not lose your preferred connection option, Skype saves it for you. It also supports the control of turning on/off the vibration/ ring feature of the phone. And the best part is that it works according to the profile settings of the phone. And edge that comes for the touch screen devices is that you can add a flag to your instant devices.

Fixed Issues

Skype has fixed issues with displaying native address book contacts in the contact view. The custom voicemail message can be deleted now and the word “Notification” is localized on touch screen devices. Now, if you try to save connection settings on Nokia N78, it does not crash. The files transfer does not cancel if send the application in background on N97 and N97 mini.