The Taiwan based network attached storage device provider Synology released new model of server last month. Synology mainly manufacture devices for SOHO and SBM. Their NAS servers contain the largest market share in the server market. Synology aimed to capture the whole market more tightly, so they introduced new NAS server DiskStation DS210+ in the market which is a promoted version of earlier model DS209+, which won the ‘CNET Editor Award’ for ‘excellent performance and large range of feature’.

Faster Network Attached Server (NAS):

Faster performance: Synology announced that the new model DS210+ is faster than any other server system they have ever produced. In fact their server skeleton which is almost similar to DS209+ is based on the super speed and versatile service. Some practical data of the fastness is given below:

DS210j DS209 DS210+
Windows Upload/download Upload 34 46 58
Download 56 73 108
iSCSI Upload/Download Upload 77 94 100
Download 51 65 92
Web Server Responsiveness 163 78
Photo Converting 378 260 49

Synology claims that the new model DS210+ will enable the users with very high speed like 108Mb/s in reading and 58 Mb/s in writing and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard hardware encryption. In fact it can share different stations with the previous NAS servers of Synology.

Security and web sites:

The NAS server enables to use 30 web sites at a time where its mail server turns mail station into mail server. The file station 3 and FTP servers helps to access from remote distance and the S Surveillance Station 4 provides a well reputed and well accomplished surveillance system which is supported by 12 IP cameras. Shortly, it can be said that NAS server is a good option for the regular centralized system like the system runs windows.

Some other features:

Synology has an added function wire ‘DiskStation Manager 2.3’, which can support with http protocols, can give security with a built in firewall and IP auto block system which can assure the security of file sharing. The also provide an opportunity of backing up which is featured by Amazon S3.


  1. Installation process is complex
  2. No option to replace the hard drives
  3. Features only USB 3.0 ports, which is not very updated. It doesn’t support USB 3.0 port.
  4. No e-SATA port.

Synology aims to grab the whole server market with new innovative products. They are concentrating on highly modified, technical and faster server production. The new DiskStation DS210+ will cost $450 which will be primarily a diskless version. With 1 TB hard drives Synology will also release the NAS server which will cost around $650.