There have been mixed news coming from various sources about the future of the contract between AT&T and Apple. There are many stipulations that the contract will expire soon while there are other assumptions as well that state that the contract with refresh with the iPhone 4 being the new take of AT&T. There has been a constant rumor of the iPhone being expanded to other carriers around the United States as well.


There are some quite strong news coming about Verizon lately that might sight a service with the iPhone. The Cult of Mac showed a different name though. They talked about T mobile as being close to making a deal with the iPhone that will be launched in the fall this year. There have been some strong news about this one and it is expected that the iPhone will be arriving contracted with T mobiles in the third quarter of this year.

There are no sound proofs of where did the close news come from but there was a time when Apple and AT&T had a five years exclusive contract agreement in the USA. The contract was started in 2007 and it meant that no other carrier was able to use iPhone for the next five years up to 2012. The quarter that approaches is certainly a lot earlier than expected by many people.

Suspected Partner:

There have been multiple news coming from iPhone as well as the company is quite interested in expanding to other operators as well but they are more interested in having a deal with T mobiles compared to Verizon. This is probably because of the reason that T mobile has a better network and user count. The Apple officials stated that they have noticed a considerable change in the profits that they have attained by introducing the phones to multiple carriers at the same location.

The main reason for this selection is the technology that they are using for quite some time. iPhone is a SIM based phone and both AT&T and T mobiles use SIM cards for the connection so they are best suited for the service. Verizon on the other hand does not use SIM cards and it is based on the CDMA technology. There were many rumors about Apple coming up with the idea of a CDMA version for Verizon but Apple officials have came up with their verdict that they will not come up with any of such products as they will have to completely  redesign and manufacture the iPhone 4 again.

T-Mobile and iPhone have a relationship as well as Deutsche Telekom is having a contract with iPhone through T mobile and Orange in Europe and the UK. They are most likely to expand their collaboration in the US as well. The company has no issues with AT&T as they explain it to be pioneers in doing the job and getting all these matters done.