Group T-Platforms is one of the corporations that is into the supercomputer business for quite some time now. The company is the largest American Supercomputer Holding Corporation. Recently, T-Platforms have signed a pact with NVIDIA where the company is going to share technology NVIDIA in order to build the new generation of high performance computing. The latest Graphics Processor NVIDIA Tesla architecture based Fermi will be used in the development of the best possible solutions in high performance computers.


T-Platform was established beck in 2002 and has been the leading HPC companies ever since then. The company has been providing supercomputing systems, related software and services as well as customer installations. The systems that it has provided so far are included in the TOP500 powerful supercomputers around the world.

The company is the distinct stop over for companies who are looking for the HPC technology yet who do not have enough resource to get a complete supercomputing environment. T-Platform provides users with experience from the very beginning that includes analysis and documentation of the user requirements and rises up to the formation of a complex designed supercomputer.

T-Platform is planning to expand the work to other services as well where they wish to build a unique high performance computing range under their company’s platform. They have all the hardware that might be used for building something that they have planned out. Its just that the company has been looking for partners in other domains. You can have a list of all the current partners on the website from all the different domains including software, hardware and research.

Agreement with NVIDIA

T-Platform has recently signed a pact with NVIDIA in which NVIDIA is going to assist T-Platform in making the new generation of super powerful computers that are having rich graphical interfaces to be a little more interactive then the typical super computer. T-Platform will have complete access to the documentation of the development of the NVIDIA Tesla architecture-based Fermi to be used in the high performance system. The development will certainly be the first of its type into the market and the group also plans to expand the scope of the Clustrx OS using the energy saving technologies for the hybrid architectures.

The company has plans of coming up with the high performance computing system to be displayed between 20 to 23 September 2010 at the Exhibition Center of San Jose, California. The Conference on GPU technology GTC 2010 has been selected as the moment when the first prototype of the system will be visible to everyone. The plan is expected to have a number of health conversations then improving the blueprint that T-Platform in mind.

There was a an agreement last year where T-Platform joined hands with NVIDIA Tesla for solutions in the respective range and the partnership came up in form of a cluster hybrid architecture named as T-Vision. This was made by the blade server T-Blade 1.1 and NVIDIA Tesla S1070.