The CES 2011 technology and gadget show this year featured many tablets and slates.  It is necessary to take a peek into what a tablet is before listing out a few of the best of tablets displayed at the CES show 2011, to start with.

Over the past few years touch-screen technology has made an impact on the next generation smart phones and tablets. So what is a tablet? This is a notebook that is like a paper tablet. And touch screens make it easy to operate- no keypads or mouse as touch screen based virtual keyboards are in and digital pens for a mouse. There are two models of the tablet. One is the convertible model and the other is a slate. The slate is easy to carry around as it comes with a pen to touch the screen with and work on it. The convertible one is one which makes the pen easy to use with a 180 degrees rotation. Now getting down to brass tacks, the tablets from Motorola won the laurels for the best tablet manufacture. Their tablet runs on the Android software of Google called Honeycomb. Other tablets in the fray were Dell’s tablet with Android operating system and will be launched in April of this year.

There are many things about the PC that have been improved. For instance the battery life has been improved and now you can work for a longer while than before. Tablet laptop is used in medical research and was not available. Centrino technology has improved and now you can write on the screen as you would on a piece of paper. Another alternative would be to carry your laptop to study and risk precious time turning it on and so on.Freescale semiconductors who make cheap chips for Netbooks also is on the show with its tablet. Their design allows the keyboard to come away from the screen and let it function like a tablet. It combines the features of a smart phone and a netbook together.

Chinese manufacturer of Lenovo is slated to produce a similar design as that of Freescale. Apple is slated to unveil its slate like product at the end of January in San Francisco this year. Much as more and more people would rather use their phones to surf the net or refer the net Motorola’s IPad is a big hit at the CES show this year. Their IPad Atrix is a huge success and has a good following.

Since the slates and tablets tend to need a large amount of power, it would be necessarily a limiting factor. Due to the need for battery power, it would be difficult for the consumers to adapt the tablet quite easily. However, it is only slow and steady.

Hewlett Packard’s CTO has however commented that as the habits of consumers change, the use of tablets will come into vogue.