ASUS, a Taiwanese company sponsored the country’s Pavilion at the biggest event of the year the World Expo 2010 at Shanghai, China.

ASUS, a leading brand of Taiwan decided to sponsor the Taiwan Pavilion at the expo and also promised to uses its expertise in the field to showcase the culture and traditions of Taiwan using its high class projectors, desktops and skilled technicians. ASUS has decided to use BA5190 business desktop PCs for various uses one of being the different ways to control the Pavilion’s multi-layered multimedia performances and thus leave a mark in the observers eye. ASUS is planning to make it a successful event and is preparing world class Taiwan-based technicians and engineers to forecast and plan the Pavilion. Nation’s best designers are chosen to design the Pavilion to showcase the county’s technological growth and culture.

The Pavilion will be full of myriad art galleries and visualized differently at day and night with use of projection and lightning techniques. The designers will transfer the Pavilion into a light room, made up of a LED balls, showcasing the best of dreams and the ideas of the country. The Pavilion is installed with a giant lantern screen which shall project a wide spectrum of marvelous views of the country, to showcase the company’s and the island country’s creativity, sustainability of nature and local arts. ASUS BA5190 desktop PCs will be used to electronically control these multimedia extravaganzas over the course of the event.

Jerry Shen, the CEO of the ASUS company, said that his company is very proud in sponsoring its own country’s Pavilion at the grand Expo, and also that ASUS products which itself are high class shall display its country’s pride in front of the world. He added that the viewers will be left with an awe of respect to the country after visiting the tent once.

The ASUS BA5190 Business Class computers use i7 core premium, which is the latest and the fastest processor, and the operating system would Windows 7 Professional, while the system will be made up of Chipset Intel X58 /Intel ICH10R, Memory 6 x DIMM Slots (support Triple-channel) DDR3 1333MHz, and shall be supporting maximum 12 GB with NVIDIA Quadro FX380 graphics card. The Graphic card shall be which is the latest available. The company will also look over the other specifications, such as cameras, USB slots, audio devices and even the dimensions.

This is surely going to bring a revolution in the world of computers with such high speed computing being provided by the world class computer manufacturer like ASUS. The desktop can be used for various uses and also for multi layered computing.