Ready to take Twitter head-on, again, Yahoo fortifies its own service Yahoo Meme. Yahoo! acquired the MeMe domain to bolster its own microblogging site’s fighting chance against Twitter. The launching of Yahoo Meme last September 2009 became part of Yahoo’s not so lucky hand with foraying into the social networking service business. Particulars of the deal to acquire the Me.Me remain undisclosed.

The MeMe domain was originally located at Montenegro. According to Antonio Silveira, Yahoo! director for product development and engineering, Sedo services and the consultations with Sedo broker, Jeff Gabriel made the deal with Yahoo! and MeMe domain possible. ” Based on TechCrunch’ blog, Search Engine and Domain Offers or Sedo “assembled the world’s largest database of domain names for sale, with more than 15 million listings.

Businesswire stated that “the .ME domain extension has quickly grown to over 390,000 registrations” after its launch in Montenegro last September 2008. The .Me unique extension owed its popularity to being so catchy and its ability to effectively pair with any word to create an appealing domain name. Silveira also notes that the .Me domain is “an essential component of our online branding strategy.”

Yahoo has a history of stumbling rather awkwardly with trying its hand into social networking. 2008 and 2009 was a disappointment for Yahoo when it decided to crush its attempts with Yahoo 360 and Yahoo Mash, respectively. Months right after Mash’ crash, Yahoo decided to shut down operations with SpotM, a social networking service that began in India. Rumors about Yahoo! offering almost $1 billion dollars to acquire Facebook still echoes about the virtual grapevine.

With the Twitter Service already in the height of its fame, it seems that Yahoo has to take more efforts to ensure that they stand a chance against Twitter.