Skype took up the market share for voice calling and then later video calling for the quality services that it has been providing since August 2003. Skype has been the destination for all those who are addicted to chatting all the time through their computers or even mobiles later on. The smartphones these days have specialized applications authored by Skype that lets them talk with each other non-stop all day long without even paying a single penny. It seems that Skype is changing locations drastically with the latest development.

Skype off the desktop:

The news is in the air: Skype has left desktop. You can now use the Skype software off your computer’s or mobile’s screens. Instead there is a new destination that Skype has acquired lately giving greater functionality and better results. The living room TV has Skype now. This seems a bit too odd to many people but this is real. Skype comes installed in some of the TV sets that are connected to the internet.

The series of televisions from Panasonic and Samsung that come with a web connection have Skype installed on the system. You need nothing except a camera to make a video call right from your sofa. The Panasonic Viera Cast sets and the Samsung 7000 and 8000 series TVs comes with Skype loaded into the system that has added functionality to the television sets. Apart from the many different functions that your television set renders at your living place, you can now use it for communication all around the world; this is certainly something no one would ever have imagined a few years back.

The Video Calling experience:

You just need a TV with Skype preloaded into the system as to make the video call live from your living room and that too, your sofa. The web connected TV feature this application but the only drawback is that they are not coming with webcams attached with them. That does not make a lot of difference actually as you can have a Communication Camera TY-CC10W worth $170 attached with your Panasonic TV. The camera would render excellent High Definition 720p video with the resolution of 1280*720. This would deliver vibrant colors to the other end. On the contrary, the Samsung users can easily buy a $150 Freetalk webcam that renders quality results but not as good as the earlier discussed. You can deliver VGA (640*480) video resolution through your webcam to the reciever.

Both the TV models under discussion that are the pioneers of this technology have built-in microphones that give even better quality when it comes to audio. They both provide enhanced directional sound that gives excellent results to anyone who hears you through the video call. They can easily pick up signals from a distance of around 12 feet. You need not to move closer to the TV to make the call and if you are having a conversation with a closed one and the whole family is around, it’s even better to experience the video calling.

A combination of a high tech TV set, a broadband internet connection and a webcam is all you need to get your copy of Skype off the desktop and into the living room right in front of the sofa where you watch TV.