Do you own an iPhone and really pamper it? But what you usually do with your iPhone when you go to a beach with your mates? Most of the time, you leave your pampered device in the car dashboard for that unstoppable fun on the beach. If you really miss capturing those unforgettable moments with your iPhone then here is something that can settle your desires.

The TAT7 Scuba Case for iPhone can secure your device even under the sea. This fantastic case has the water-resistant capability of up to 30 meters depth (around 100 feet). It is made up of transparent polycarbonate and has two gaskets that do not allow the water to enter into the case.

With three buttons available on the TAT7 Scuba Case, you can click photos and shoot videos. The case is available at a price of $84.95. So, if you really love your iPhone then $84.95 will not be a big deal.