From lighting up of matchstick to Wars and Entertainment we find machines doing our work on a greater scale. But, the greatest innovation by Science in the present scenario is the “Robots”. Robots have not only made our work easier and simpler but also are doing our work precisely. We find Robots in the adobe of  office, enhancing organizational processes. From official work to home uses and from home users to defence personnel, Robots are performing their duties with full enthusiasm and zeal. Recently, Robots have put their leg in the Army field. They are in the race to join hands with man in Military wars.

With exoskeleton of a “snake” robots  are about join the U.S Army. The U.S Army has given birth to “Snakelike” robots that will be soon joining the U.S Army in the Battlefield. The task performed by these Snakelike robots will include rescuing missions, opening doors, searching enemies and controlling the Improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The above mentioned tasks are quite dangerous and involve loss of life and drastic harmful effect. The Snakelike robot will not only handle such imminent tasks but also aid to prevent the Army troop from harm and havoc.

The generic name for Snake resembling robot is “Robotic Tentacle Manipulator”. The design of this Robot is similar to  Snake because it has an array of small bots which in turn depict a snake. Along with an array of three snake robots, it has a circular base. Culmination of bots depict sort of hand. The device is going to very pliable and “since it has scales it can be carved in to various sizes and configurations, thus giving it maximum lithe” says the U.S Army. The robot will also have sensor installed in it displaying video about the surreptitiously susceptible objects. These are installed in the iRobot’s Warrior military bots and can be controlled from a distance via laptops. Moreover, enhanced agility of these Robots is due LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and 3D imaging ability of the latter. This capability will not only allow it to crawl but swim at the same time the narrow spaces for investigation about the targets at near range.

According to Researcher Derek Scherer of Lab’s Vehicle Technology Director,” These robots are very sensitive and can manipulate in such a way that can not only open doors but also handle and inspect IED without setting them off”. The Snake robot is a result of collaborative research at the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute. The Institute produced bots like snake that can crawl inside the tubes or around them. Usage of drainpipes for surreptitious surveillance is the prevailing idea. With Labs around the world delved for improving the “Snake bots” for military and civilian purposes. The Israeli army is giving a new definition to snake bots by installing a camera eye in it, so that it can plant explosives and spy on enemies. With time to come Snake like Robots can be not only seen in the Army but also will serve as a momentous defence force for civilian and military reasons.